迩来,h&m声明要反抗新疆产品,缘由是其参加了bci(better cotton initiative,非常好棉花建议)。





? “不吃这一套”除了说?xinjiang?cotton?won’t??buy it,还可以说:xinjiang cotton won’t?swallow?it。swallow 除了有“吞,咽”的意思,仍是一个豪情颜色特别浓的一个词,标明put up with(忍耐),以及believe??a story, explanation etc that is not actually true(轻信,简略承受不真实的说法、说明等)

?“痴心愿望”可以说wishful thinking。这是一个固定分配词组,标明“单凭片面自愿的主意;不真实际的主意”,eg.?i think she rather likes me. but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.我觉得她很喜爱我,不过或许那只是我一厢甘心的主意。

最姐留心到,海报用了“stop?yuejipengci?with injiang cotton”这样的字眼。
pengci,literally translated as?”touch porcelain”,means faking an accident to claim for compensation.
除此之外,英语中标明成心敲诈,敲诈多用blackmail一词,它可作名词,也可作动词,blackmail sb into (doing) sth就是“钳制、挟制或人做某事”。
zuijie was a victim of blackmail.

i thought he was trying to blackmail me into saying whatever he wanted.

另外,最姐在新闻中还到过一个很有意思的词,叫crash-for-cash scam。

crash:相撞、撞碎。比方a car crash (撞车事端),a loud crash(物体决裂或掉落时宣告很大的“咔嚓声,哗啦声”);



h&m’s xinjiang labour?stance?raises social media storm in china?
anger with retailer h&m?erupted?on chinese social media on wednesday as the communist youth league and state media attacked it for saying it was?”deeply concerned”?about reports of forced labour in the xinjiang region.
雅思 专8 gmat gre
stance?/stɑ?ns $ st?ns/n.
①(揭露标明的)观念,情绪,观点an opinion that is stated publicly【take/adopt a stance (on/against)】 he has adopted a tough stance on terrorism.他对惊骇主义采纳强硬的情绪。
②(尤指体育运动中的)站姿a position in which you stand, especially when playing a sport【例句】zuijie adopted a casual stance.最姐摆出随意的站姿。?
高考?考研?托福 专8 gre
erupt?/??r?pt/ /??r?pt/v.
①?(火山)迸发;(岩浆、烟等)喷出[i, t] when a volcano, the burning rocks, etc. are thrown out from the erupts or burning rocks, smoke, etc. erupt or are erupted, the burning rocks, etc. are thrown out from the volcano【例句】the volcano could erupt at any time.这座火山随时可以迸发。
②俄然发生;迸发[i]?to start happening, suddenly and violently【erupt in/into sth】my father just erupted into fury.我父亲愤然大怒。【近义表达】break out
③?俄然宣告(尤指叫喊)[i, t] to suddenly express your feelings very strongly, especially by shouting loudly【例句】when he scored for the third time the crowd erupted.他第三次得分,观众欢声如雷。
④(班驳等)俄然(在肌肤上)呈现?[i] (of spots, etc. ?to suddenly appear on your skin【例句】a rash had erupted all over his chest.他的乳房俄然出满疹子。
【近义分析】explode, erupt, burst都有“爆破、迸发”的意思,但有所差异:
explode: 指物体爆破而开释许多热能的一片刻。
erupt: 首要指火山的迸发,也可用作引申意义。
burst: 偏重爆破能量的俄然开释和力气的俄然迸发。
the european union,?united states,?britain and canada on monday imposedsanctions?on chinese officials for human rights abuses in xinjiang.china retaliated with sanctions on european lawmakers and institutions.
考研?雅思 托福 sat?专8 gmat
①n.[u]?(正式)答应,附和?(formal) official permission or approval for an action or a change【例句】their policy lacks legal sanction.他们的这项方针未获得法令附和。
②赏罚,制裁(一般用复数)an action that is taken or an order that is given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with that country, by not allowing economic aid for that country, etc. – usually plural【分配】sanctions against sb对…的赏罚/制裁;impose/lift/call for sanctions违背/加以/清除/需求制裁
③v.答应;答应;准予(formal) to give permission for sth to take place【例句】the government refused to sanction a further cut in interest rates.政府回绝附和进一步降低利率。
④v.赏罚;施行制裁to punish sb/sth; to impose a sanction on sth sb/sth
【近义分析】approve, sanction, confirm都有“附和”的意思,其差异是:
approve: 一般用词,常纠正式的或官方的附和。
sanction: 口气最强,多指官方的附和或附和,是书面用词。
confirm: 偏重按法令程序提请招认或附和。?
雅思 专8 gre
re·tali·ate?/r??t?lie?t/v.[i]报复;反击;复仇to do sth harmful to sb because they have harmed you first?【retaliate against sb/sth】the british retaliated by breaking off diplomatic relations.作为报复,英国阻隔了交际联络。【retaliate by doing sth/with sth】the boy hit his sister, who retaliated b
y kicking him.男孩打了他小妹,小妹则回敬了他一脚。【近义表达】revenge,hit back,pay (sb) back,get even with (informal),get one’s own back (informal)【词源】re-, 向后,往回;talis, 相同,同类;来自拉丁语 retaliare, 偿还,返还的意思,即原样返还的,后用于指报仇,以眼还眼,以眼还眼。
h&m had previously said in a statement it was?”deeply concerned by reports from civil society organisations and media that include accusations of forced labour,”and that it did not source products from xinjiang.
it was not immediately clear why an old statement from the swedish company,which media had reported last year,about the cotton-producing region where rights groups say muslim uighur people face repression,was back?in the public eye.
in the public eye(经过报纸、电视)让大众熟知的,广为人知的well known to many people through newspapers and television【例句】she doesn’t want her children growing up in the public eye.她不想让子孙在世人凝视中生长。
“spreading rumours to boycott xinjiang cotton,while also wanting to make money in china??wishful thinking!”?the communist youth league,said in a post on the weibo social media platform.
wishful thinking?[u] n.单凭片面自愿的主意;不真实际的主意;一厢甘心;满足算盘;痴心愿望when you believe that what you want to happen will happen, when in fact it is not possible【例句】i think she rather likes me. but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.我觉得她很喜爱我,不过或许那只是我一厢甘心的主意。
in another post,the league referred to remarks made by china’s top diplomat,yang jiechi,at a combative meeting with his u.s.counterparts last week in alaska,where,referring to various u.s.actions,he said the chinese people?”won’tswallow?this”.
高考?四级 考研?雅思 托福 专8
swal·low?/?sw?l??/ /?swɑ?lo?/【熟词僻义】除了有“吞,咽”的意思,还指
①忍耐put up with or meekly accept (something insulting or unwelcome)【例句】he seemed ready to swallow any insult. 他如同预备忍耐任何侮辱。
② 轻信,简略承受(不真实的说法、说明等)(informal) to believe a story, explanation etc that is not actually true【例句】do they really think we are stupid enough to swallow that?他们真的认为咱们会愚笨到简略信赖那种事吗??
xinjiang cotton?”won’t swallow this”,?the league said.
actor huang xuan said on his official weibo social media page he had terminated his contract as a representative for h&m,saying he opposed?”slander and creating rumours”.
h&m also said in its original statement it would phase out its relationship with a chinese supplier accused of forced labour.
some people on the weibo called for h&m to leave china and for a boycott.
“it is so shameless to?smear?xinjiang and we don’t buy your products,”?one person said.
雅思 专8 gmat?gre
smear?/sm??(r)/ /sm?r/【熟词僻义】除了有“弄脏;弄上油污”的意思,还可比方为“诋毁,诋毁,抹黑”?to damage sb’s reputation by saying unpleasant things about them that are not true?【例句】the story was an attempt to smear the leader.这篇报导是试图玷污该领导的名誉。【近义表达】slander,besmirch,blacken,malign
h&m did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
the?editor-in-chief?of the state-run global times newspaper,hu xijin,urged western companies to be?”highly cautious”?and not to?”suppress china’s xinjiang”.
editor-in-chief总修改;总编缉chief editor,bureau
to do so,he said in a social media post,would?”undoubtedly arouse the anger of the chinese public”.?he did not?single out?any companies.
single sb/sth?out单独挑出,选出(一人或物)to choose one person or thing from among a group because they are better, worse, more important etc than the others【例句】i don’t see why he should be singled out for special treatment.我不理解为啥单单要给他一自个特别待遇。
activists and some western politicians accuse china of using torture,forced labour and sterilisations in xinjiang.china has denied these claims and says it is providing vocational training,and that its measures are needed to fight extremism.



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