read the following text and answer the questions by choosing the most suitable subheading from the list a-g for each of the numbered paragraphs (41-45). there are two extra subheadings. mark your answers on the anser sheet. (10 point)

  [a] create a new image of yourself
  [b] decide if the time is right
  [c] have confidence in yourself
  [d]understand the context
  [e]work with professionals
  [f]make it efficient
  [g]know your goals

no matter how formal or informal the work environment, the way you present yourself has an impact. this is especially true in the first impressions. according to research from princeton university , people assess your competence, trustworthiness, and likeability in just a tenth of a second, solely based on the way you look.

the difference between today’s workplace and the “dress for success” era is that the range of options is so much broader. norms have evolved and fragmented. in some settings, red sneakers or dress t-shirts can convey status; in other not so much. plus, whatever image we present is magnified by social-media services like linkedin. chances are, your headshots are seen much more often now than a decade or two ago. millennials, it seems, face the paradox of being the least formal generation yet the most conscious of style and personal branding. it can be confusing.

so how do we navigate this? how do we know when to invest in an upgrade? and what’s the best way to pull off one than enhances our goals? here are some tips:


as an executive coach, i’ve seen image upgrades be particular helpful during transitions-when looking for a new job, stepping into a new or more public
role, or changing work environments. if you’re in a period of change or just feeling stuck and in a rut, now may be a good time. if you’re not sure, ask for honest feedback from trusted friends, colleagues and professionals. look for cues about how others perceive you. maybe there’s no need for an upgrade and that’s ok


get clear on what impact you’re hoping tohave. are you looking to refresh your image or pivot it? for one person, the goal may be to be taken more seriously and enhance their professional image. for another, it may be to be perceived as more approachable, or more modern and stylish. for someone moving from finance to advertising, maybe they want to look more “soho.” (it’s ok to use characterizations like that )


look at your work environment like an anthropologist. what are the norms of your environment? what conveys status? who are your most important audiences? how do the people you respect and look up to present themselves? the better you understand the cultural context, the more control you can have over your impact.


enlist the support of professionals and share with them your goals and context. hire a personal stylist, or use the free styling service of a store like j. crew. try a hair stylist instead of a barber. work with a professional photographer instead of your spouse or friend. it’s not as expensive as you might think.


the point of a style upgrade isn’t to become more vain or to spend more time fussing over what to wear. instead, use it as an opportunity to reduce decision fatigue. pick a standard work uniform or a few go-to options. buy all your clothes at once with a stylist instead of shopping alone, one article of clothing at a time.


 【解析】该段中呈现了标明时刻的词汇和短语:during transitions; in a period of , time。在不一样的时刻段,作者给出了不一样的战略。阅读标题发现,只需选项b呈现了标明时刻的词汇。本段第二句中的good与小标题中的right也刚好对应,因而断定正确答案为b选项。
 【解析】该段首句说到”弄理解你期望抵达的作用”,然后以问句方法提出期间主题,接着分两个方面来论说:方针不一样,需求不一样。本段第一句话中的”get clear”与小标题中的”know”归于同义表达,而且本段第三句话中the goal 与小标题中的goal完全对应,因而正确答案为g选项。
 【解析】该段第一句?档?要像人类学家相同来思考你的作业环境”,接着给出了几个排比的问句,都是关于作业环境的具体细节的发问。最重要的是在结束有些,作者总结谈论道,”the better you …, the more control you …”,意为”对文明布景了解得越好,对自个的影响力就有越好的控制”。很显着,这句话凸显了context的重要性,而且呈现了要害词的复现understand和context。因而,答案选d选项。
 【解析】本段依照总分的方法组织,而且在首句给出两处要害词professionals 和 share with,即”撑持专家的定见,而且与其共享自个的方针”。下文是举例论说,例如去找私家工型师而不是理发师等。紧接着下文就给出 “work with a professional photographer”让专业人士拍摄片而不是自个的兄弟或许是爱人。因而可以得出结论本段是环绕专业人士professionals 的重要性来打开的。故选择 work with professionals.
 【解析】该期间主题句呈如今转机之后,即”instead, use it as an opportunity to reduce decision fatigue.”,其间it指代上一句中style upgrade。经过前后两句话比照指出意图是使用style upgrade作为机缘来reduce decision fatigue(削减抉择疲倦),然后来前进就事功率。后两句话作为论据进一步证明这一观念,因而答案选f选项。


  read the following text carefully and then translate the underlined segments into chinese. your translation should be written neatly on the answer sheet. (10 points)
mental health is our birthright. (46)we don’t have to learn how to be mentally healthy, it is built into us in the same way that our bodies know how to heal a cut or mend, a broken bone.mental health can’t be learned, only reawakened. it is like immune system of the body, which under stress or through lack of nutrition or exercise can be weakened, but which never leaves us. when we don’t understand the value of mental health and we don’t know how to gain access to it, mental health will remain hidden from us. (47)our mental health doesn’t go anywhere; like the sun behind a cloud, it can be temporarily hidden from view, but it is fully capable of being restored in an instant.
mental health is the seed that contains self-esteem -confidence in ourselves and an ability to trust in our common sense. it allows us to have perspective on our lives-the ability to not take ourselves too seriously, to laugh at ourselves, to see the bigger picture, and to see that things will work out. it’s a form of innate or unlearned optimism. (48)mental health allows us to view others with sympathy if they are having troubles, with kindness if they are in pain, and with unconditional love no matter who they are. mental health is the source of creativity for solving problems, resolving conflict, making our surroundings more beautiful, managing our home life, or coming up with a creative business idea or invention to make our lives easier. it gives us patience for ourselves. and toward others as well as patience while driving, catching a fish, working on our car, or raising a child. it allows us to see the beauty that surrounds us each moment in nature, in culture, in the flow of our daily lives.
(49)although mental health is the cure-all for living our lives, it is perfecting ordinary as you will see that it has been there to direct you through all your difficult decisions. it has been available even in the most mundane of life situations to show you right from wrong, good from bad, friend from foe. mental health has commonly been called conscience, instinct, wisdom, common sense, or the inner voice, we think of it simply as a health and helpful flow of intelligent thought. (50)as you will come to see, knowing that mental health is always available and knowing to trust it allow us to slow down to the moment and live life happily.


【解析】分号联接两个语句:第一个语句骨干为we don’t have to learn,how引导宾语从句作learn的宾语,其间how标明方法;第二个语句骨干为it is built into us,其间代词it指代前句提及的mental health; in the same way标明方法,that引导定语从句,其间又嵌套了how引导的宾语从句,作know的宾语。


【解析】分号联接两个语句:第一个语句为主谓规划的简略句;第二个语句为but联接的两个并排分句,表达转机联络,骨干为it can be hidden, but it is capable of being restored,其间介词短语like the sun behind a cloud标明比方。in an instant:马上,当即。

【解析】本句骨干为:mental health allows us to view others…,三个并排的介词短语with..标明伴随。其间别离嵌套了if引导的两个条件状语从句和no matter who引导的让步状语从句。

【解析】语句骨干是it is perfectly ordinary。it指代前文提及的mental health;although引导让步状语从句,其骨干为mental health is the cure-all。as引导缘由状语从句,其骨干为you will see;that引导从句做see的宾语,其骨干为it has been there to direct you。cure-all:组成名词,万灵药。
【解析】语句骨干是knowing that…and knowing to trust it allow us to slow down to the moment and live life happily。两个动名词规划knowing…并排作主句的主语,其间that引导的宾语从句作knowing的宾语。句首的as引导非捆绑性定语从句,润饰整个主句,翻译时可以处置为”就像…,正如…”。








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